Lauetoolsnn can be installed either via PYPI usiing the following command in terminal (this installs all dependencies automatically):

PYPI repository

Anaconda repository

pip install lauetoolsnn
conda install -c bm32esrf lauetoolsnn -c conda-forge

For macOS user, please use the Anaconda installation to avoid build errors or can be compiled and installed locally via the file. Download the Github repository and type the following in terminal. In this case, the dependencies has to be installed manually. The latest version of each dependency works as of (01/04/2022).

git clone
cd luetoolsnn
python install

Naturally, you can also install the lauetoolsnn package directly with the ANacondad Navigator. On the Anaconda Navigator, once you have created your own environment with python>=3.7; configure channels using the channels button and add conda-forge and bm32esrf. After updating the index, you should have lauetoolsnn package accessible via the search bar.

See Procedure for Config file generation for installation and how to write the configuration file to be used with GUI. This project is also hosted on sourceforge.